Placement print technique on a high performance DRY TOUCH® fabric.


  • Allows fabric to breathe naturally

  • Draws moisture away from the skin

  • Balances body temperature

  • Dries faster

  • Body loses moisture content so it cools down faster

  • Maximizes performance over time

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The Seed of Life is an ancient symbol of great spiritual and religious importance. It can be found in many places around the world and it was used by various ancient civilizations.

Ancient religions used a form with seven circles to create what they called the “Seed of Life”. When multiplied and extrapolated, it acts as a basic component of the Flower of Life’s design.

The Flower of Life has long been regarded as a blueprint of the Universe, containing the basis for the design of every atom, molecular structure, life form, and everything in existence. For many, the Flower of Life is an object of mystery which may well unlock the secrets of the Universe, since they believe that it contains a record of information about all living things.

‘‘Connections’’ is the first part of ‘‘The Seed of Life’’ Collection. It represents the connections we are bound together.